We are a locally owned private practice of audiologists and hearing care specialists right here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

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Locally Owned

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to cutting-edge AGX® technology,
designed and customized by AudigyCertified
professionals for all types of hearing loss



100% Covered

One- or three-year full warranty, and
loss and damage coverage on AGX
hearing technology


All checkup appointments and cleanings of your
hearing system are 100% covered under your hearing technology warranty


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Services Our Audiologists Offer

Our Patient Benefits

Finding the Right Hearing Aid
The right hearing aid is not only customized for your hearing loss, it fits seamlessly into your life. We offer various styles of hearing aids from invisible, to the new iPhone connect device.
Hearing Tests
Our hearing tests are specifically designed to determine how hearing loss is affecting your life.  This is the first step in our better hearing process.  
An AudigyCertified Team
Our audiologists have a reputation for always having the latest digital hearing aids available to our patients. We provide excellent service by diagnosing your hearing problem with a hearing test so we can provide the best hearing solution.
Rio Rancho
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